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Pet Flakes

Pet Flakes

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family and is extensively used in synthetic fibers, beverage, food and other liquid containers, thermoforming applications and engineering resins in combination with glass fiber. The exceptional quality driven White PET Flake offered by Kashnit S R O are the best at the market price and rates. Our Pet Flakes supply is distinguished and unique and is matched in following attributes.

  • Supply a huge quantity of “A” Grade pet flakes on order.
  • A careful selection and separation of pet flakes.
  • Even provided on a customized specification from a client.
  • Provided within manufacturing and environmental norms.

  • "Did you know that the amount of fuel a delivery truck needs could be considerably reduced if the cargo uses plastic containers? Obvious: lightweight means less fuel consumption"

    Recycled plastics

    Recycled plastics in the form of high-quality regranulates give secondary materials a completely new life.


    Recycling of plastic waste is important not only for our company but for the environment in general.

    Professionally protected

    An important part of the Kashnit S R O portfolio consists of designs for optimal solutions to protect technologies in production processes.

    Buying og hedpe lids

    Kashnit S R O strives for a complex and mass-oriented approach to recycling of plastic waste.